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Why Do I Bitcoin?

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Why Do I Bitcoin? - Bitcoin Poem 101 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by "Why Do I Run" by Ed Cunningham

Ed Cunningham "Why Do I Run?"

Prosperity Poem "Why Do I Smile?"

Why Do I Bitcoin? (Bitcoin Poem 101)

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Why do I Bitcoin? Taint no mystery
Wanna have a good finance history!

My brain tells me Bitcoin is great,
Helps my blood cells circulate

Great for my eyesight
Great for my ticker
Can’t nothing fill me
With love and hope quicker!

It feels so honest, feels so sweet
Bitcoin just makes my mind complete

Knowing the code is sure and tight
Makes my toenails feel just right

Great for my future
Great for my teens
Great for my Grandma
And all “in betweens”

Saving Bitcoin makes me feel light
Makes people wonder
‘Bout me in the night

Bitcoin makes me bright and strong
Worldwide adoption
Coming right along

It beats using fiat
It beats being lazy
Why do I Bitcoin?
Well, maybe I’m crazy

Written 6/1/24 by Christopher Westra
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