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Wasted Energy (Problems/Solutions 25)

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Wasted Energy - Bitcoin Poem 099 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Alex Gladstein

Alex Gladstein Twitter Account

Alex Gladstein Website (Human Rights Activist)

Alex's articles at Bitcoin Magazine

Alex Gladstein interview on What Bitcoin Did

Wasted Energy (Bitcoin Poem 099)

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Power grids frequently produce excess
Energy that is wasted during non-peak
Times of day (or week, month, or year).
Especially with intermittent renewable
Energy production, there can be a lot
Of waste, with limited options for use
We need users of energy who do use
The excess energy when produced,
Yet remain able to shut down quickly
When the energy is required for users
During peak energy consumption times.
Bitcoin solves this widespread problem

Written 05/17/24 by Christopher Westra
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