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Bitcoin Poem 097

Review the Code

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Review the Code - Bitcoin Poem 097 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Ross Ulbricht

Sign the Petition to Free Ross (in prison for writing code)

Review the Code (Bitcoin Poem 097)

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Review the code, it’s plain to see
It’s open source, for you and me
Bitcoin provides an open book
You want to see? Just take a look

If closed, we couldn’t verify
The way it works - or firm supply
We couldn’t see the security
Or if the code will make us free

With open source, we know the rules
The inner workings - all the tools
So much better than the fiat scheme
With changing rules - in the extreme

We aren’t all coders, this is true
But thousands check the code for you
Bitcoin is reviewed, every day
It’s open source, and on display

Likely the code most analyzed
So it performs as advertised
And keeps our ledger so secure
Review the code, it will endure

Written 5/2/24 by Christopher Westra
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