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Bitcoin Poem 096

Don't Delay

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Don't Delay - Bitcoin Poem 096 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Jeff Booth

Author of "The Price of Tomorrow"

Entrepreneur and Technology Leader

Jeff's Interview with James from InvestAnswers

Jeff's Twitter Account

Don't Delay (Bitcoin Poem 096)

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Don’t delay, just start today
This glad message I convey
Bitcoin’s here, so act straightway
For Bitcoin keeps on growing

Money printing never ends
For the rich, and for their friends
Government just spends & spends
While Bitcoin keeps on growing

Bitcoin brings deflation’s gains
Come break free from fiat’s chains
Hold some value that remains
As Bitcoin keeps on growing

Take some time to sit and learn
To store the value that you earn
Act right now - this is your turn
Since Bitcoin keeps on growing

More good people, every day
Move to Bitcoin’s better way
Get some now, and don’t delay
As Bitcoin keeps on growing

Written 4/25/24 by Christopher Westra
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