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Bitcoin Poem 094

Who Controls the Ledger

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Who Controls the Ledger? - Bitcoin Poem 094 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Robyn Seyr

Robyn Seyr YouTube Channel

Who Controls the Ledger? (Bitcoin Poem 094)

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Who controls the ledger?
And can change an entry there?
Who controls the money?
And keeps the ledger fair?

For money is a ledger
And gets abused and hacked
By those who love control
And change what’s being tracked

Who controls the ledger?
And has kept it fair and true?
Retaining money’s value
Yes, who has done this, who?

Who controls the ledger?
We mortals will always stray
So let us use technology
For Bitcoin’s a better way

Bitcoin controls the ledger
No mortals can cheat or gain
And we can reach the fairness
No other ledger can attain

Written 4/10/24 by Christopher Westra
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