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Bitcoin Poem 092

Free From the Whims

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Free from the Whims - Bitcoin Poem 092 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Resistance Money

Resistance Money - A Philosophical Case for Bitcoin

Free from the Whims (Bitcoin Poem 092)

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Free from the whims - of politics
And the shifting tides of state
Bitcoin remains unchanging
Impervious to love or hate

Free from the whims - of power
In any of its ugly faces
Bitcoin performs its duties
At all times and in all places

Free from the whims - of greed
From those who reach and steal
Bitcoin continues like clockwork
Holding scarcity as the ideal

Free from the whims - of looters
Who mandate the “sharing” of gains
Bitcoin rewards the hard workers
Who break from the idler’s chains

Free from the whims - of anyone
Who might alter or change the code
Bitcoin stays governed by rules
Staying firmly on freedom’s road

Written 3/24/24 by Christopher Westra
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