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Bitcoin Poem 091

The Bitcoin Halving

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The Bitcoin Halving - Bitcoin Poem 091 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Anita at Crack the Orange

Crack the Orange

The Bitcoin Halving (Bitcoin Poem 091)

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New coins come to those who add
Transactions to each new block
This started out as 50 coins
Every 10 minutes around the clock

7200 Bitcoin - average, each day
Over two million in each year
And at block 210,000
The first halving was here

HALF of all bitcoins already mined
Then the reward halved to 25...
Coins for each new block reward
And bitcoin continued to thrive

Four more years, block 420,000
And then cut in half once more
Bitcoin reward down to 12.5
But price continued to soar

At block 630,000, cut to 6.25
The supply continues to shrink
You may want to get some soon
As it’s catching on, I think

Now we approach block 840,000
A critical juncture in time
Rewards will “half” to 3.125
As the price continues to climb

Written 3/17/24 by Christopher Westra
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