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Bitcoin Poem 089

Bitcoin for Humanity

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Bitcoin for Humanity - Bitcoin Poem 089 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Jim Cramer's Question

Jim Cramer saying "What has Bitcoin done for Humanity?"

Bitcoin for Humanity (Bitcoin Poem 089)

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Question: What has Bitcoin done for Humanity?
Answer: Bitcoin has helped millions of people to:

Move money safely
Across country borders
Or keep money private
Through seizure orders

Avoid the debasement
Of all of their savings
As inflation abounds
Amidst Keynesian ravings

Transfer remittances
To countries abroad
Without the high fees
That border on fraud

Own their own money
For millions the “first time”
Generations unbanked
This is truly a crime

Trade with anyone
Across land or ‘cross sea
With no “middle man”
Who might disagree

Enjoy some privacy
A basic human right
As foundational freedoms
Tyrants try to rewrite

So here you go Jim
This is just a small list
Of what Bitcoin’s done
And you simply dismissed

Written 3/3/24 by Christopher Westra
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