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Bitcoin Poem 086

Stake Your Claim

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Stake Your Claim - Bitcoin Poem 086 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Jesse at Onramp Bitcoin

Jesse Myers at Onramp Bitcoin

Stake Your Claim (Bitcoin Poem 086)

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Self custody your Bitcoin now
There’s nobody you can blame
When you take responsibility
Of holding your own claim

Avoid the risk of “Trust me, bro”
For trust is a dangerous game
And letting others hold your coins
Allows THEM to own your claim

Stake your claim with “Proof of Work”
For “Proof of Weapons” is a shame
Help build the world you want to see
By fostering freedom's flame

Twenty one million Bitcoin
No other project has the same...
Mission critical purpose
So get some and stake your claim

Written 2/10/24 by Christopher Westra
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