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Bitcoin Poem 081

Bitcoin: It All Adds Up

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Bitcoin: It All Adds Up - Bitcoin Poem 081 by Christopher Westra

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It All Adds Up (Bitcoin Poem 081)

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In the Bitcoin mathematics
The equations work just right
They add up perfect every day
And they do the same at night

Adding data to the Timechain
Like clockwork, line by line
A ledger of all transactions
And it always adds up fine

Yes, the Bitcoin mathematics
To adjust the block creation
Keeps it close to six per hour
Though spread across all nations

And the math for bitcoin halving
Is elegant, exact, and true
It keeps the issue limited
Which adds up for me and you

Trust the math and trust the code
As Bitcoin keeps on growing
The equations add up neatly
So our money keeps on flowing

Written 1/1/24 by Christopher Westra
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