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Bitcoin Poem 079

Home Affordability (Problems/Solutions 17)

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Home Affordability - Bitcoin Poem 079 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Preston Pysh

Preston Pysh's twitter account

Preston's Youtube and Podcast

Interview with Sam Callahan and Alex Gladstein

Home Affordability (Bitcoin Poem 079)

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When people can’t save value
In their money system, because
Of debasement of the currency,
Then they learn to save in assets.
Houses remain the top choice to
Save and preserve monetary value
Which leads to higher priced homes
If we have a hard money that holds
Value then people can simply save
In money and home prices will drop
To the normal utility value of a home
This will make homes more affordable
For more people across the world
Bitcoin is the hard money solution

Written 12/19/23 by Christopher Westra
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