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Bitcoin Poem 078

Freedom to Transact

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Freedom to Transact - Bitcoin Poem 078 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by The Magna Carta

Ten Facts about The Magna Carta

Freedom to Transact (Bitcoin Poem 078)

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The core of basic freedoms
Is the freedom to transact
This underpins the other rights
In the Magna Carta pact

The crux is private property
To use, or hold, or trade
Our time, our land, our energy
Our work - our fortune made

King John was forced to sign it
Holding tyrants to account
So that we can all stand free
With our liberty paramount

Why, in all our nations dear
Have freedoms flown away?
Due process rashly flung aside
As prisoners, we must pay

Now Bitcoin rises to sustain
Our freedom to transact
A bastion of private property
No matter how oft attacked

So steady - up and onward
For our freedoms, stand exact
At the root of other freedoms
Lies the freedom to transact

Written 12/8/23 by Christopher Westra
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