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Bitcoin Poem 077

Bitcoin's Not A Hedge

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Bitcoin's Not A Hedge - Bitcoin Poem 077 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Parker Lewis

Parker Lewis Video - Bitcoin is not a hedge

Bitcoin's Not A Hedge (Bitcoin Poem 077)

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Bitcoin’s not a hedge
It’s a permanent SOLUTION
For the PROBLEM of inflation
It’s a timely revolution

Yes, Bitcoin’s not a hedge
When the money printers run
But it is a bold SOLUTION
And remains the only one

When the money that you earn
Buys you less and less each year
It’s the money printers fault
So blame inflation for your fear

Though Bitcoin’s not a hedge
It has a hard and fixed supply
And a steady rate of issue
So the time is right to buy

Yes, Bitcoin’s not a hedge
Against inflation, it is true
But it is a great SOLUTION
To keep wealth for me and you

Written 12/1/23 by Christopher Westra
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