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Bitcoin Poem 073

Your Voice Matters

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PoemName - Bitcoin Poem xxx by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Marty Bent

Marty Bent's Daily Newsletter (Signal in Bitcoin)

Your Voice Matters (Bitcoin Poem 073)

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Your voice matters - take a stand
Share how Bitcoin makes you free
Shake the fiat shackles off
Do your part and you will see

Mining, holding, running nodes
Buying, teaching, giving too
In all of these, you spread your voice
And stand for what you know is true

Your voice matters - don’t be shy
Bitcoin changes us for good
No theft of money from the top
Increasing value - as it should

You have so many ways to share
Use your talents as you can
Your voice matters - speak aloud
To forward this great Bitcoin plan

Written 11/1/23 by Christopher Westra
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