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Bitcoin Poem 070

In My Day

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In My Day - Bitcoin Poem 070 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine Quote Reference

In My Day (Bitcoin Poem 070)

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If there must be trouble now
Let this happen in my day
With my fight - a peace endow
So children live a better way

If there must be tyranny
I choose now to rise and stand
Resist a broken currency
With all the strength that I command

This reflection - well applied
Makes duty clear to choose the right
We can awaken - turn the tide
In the darkness - spread the light

If central planners choose control
And limit freedoms year by year
Liberty is Bitcoin’s goal
Join today - it has no peer

So if there must be troubling times
Bitcoin stands for freedom’s way
To overcome the theft and crimes
Yes - let this happen in my day

Written 10/10/23 by Christopher Westra
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