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Bitcoin Poem 069

The Future I Want to See

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The Future I Want to See - Bitcoin Poem 069 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Jeff Booth

Author of "The Price of Tomorrow"

Entrepreneur and Technology Leader

Jeff's Interview with James from InvestAnswers

Jeff's Twitter Account

The Future I Want to See (Bitcoin Poem 069)

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Money that stores our working hours
Free from the theft of looting powers
Children happy - living carefree
This is the future I want to see

Safe, protected property rights
Long term planning in our sights
A country we don’t have to flee
This is the future I want to see

Honest leaders who give a care
Willing to serve, without fanfare
Living humbly like you and me
This is the future I want to see

Holding value for decades hence
Simply saving with common sense
Speaking boldly - living free
This is the future I want to see

Abundance flowing everywhere
Because the money’s true and rare
Bitcoin’s the answer, Bitcoin’s the key
To build this future we want to see

Written 10/3/23 by Christopher Westra
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