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Bitcoin Poem 068

You Can't Print Prosperity

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You Can't Print Prosperity - Bitcoin Poem 068 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Layered Money

Nik Bhatia's Layered Money Website

Nik's YouTube video with Natalie Brunell

Nik's YouTube video with Anthony Pompliano

Nik Bhatia's Twitter Account

You Can't Print Prosperity (Bitcoin Poem 068)

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You can’t print prosperity
Since it only comes from work
And not from rank barbarity
Of looters as they shirk

Yes, you can’t print prosperity
Or houses, food, or land
But looters hate austerity
So they think printing’s grand

If you could print prosperity
(The central planners dream)
T’would lead to popularity
So this becomes their scheme

Some tried to print prosperity
Yet the money finally died
From money’s lack of rarity
Prosperity was denied

So let’s create prosperity
Through money that is rare
Choose with careful clarity
Bitcoin will take us there

Written 9/26/23 by Christopher Westra
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