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Bitcoin Poem 067

When Money Dies

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When Money Dies - Bitcoin Poem 067 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Luke Broyles

Luke Broyles Twitter Account

Luke Broyles interview with Preston Pysh

When Money Dies (Bitcoin Poem 067)

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The anguish flows when money dies
Amid the child’s and mother’s cries
It comes when scarcity is lost
And money made without a cost

Taking savings, stealing time
Open theft through hidden crime
Stones or feathers, shells or beads
These all once filled money needs

And represented hours of work
Yet money died when people shirk
And made more units, cheap and fast
Then money died - it did not last

We work for money - you and me
But central banks just print for free
Fiat money - scarce no longer
Loss of savings growing stronger

We need scarcity - absolute
No debasement - no dispute
Bitcoin provides the solution clear
Thank God Bitcoin’s finally here

180 nations - use fiat today
All are dying - come what may
Bitcoin conquers the fiat lies
Bitcoin is Hope, when money dies

Written 9/19/23 by Christopher Westra
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