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Bitcoin Poem 066

Bitcoin Doesn't Care

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Bitcoin Doesn't Care - Bitcoin Poem 066 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Del from Simply Bitcoin

Simply Bitcoin Website

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Bitcoin Doesn't Care (Bitcoin Poem 066)

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Bitcoin doesn’t really care
The color of your skin or hair
If you’re short or if you’re tall
Bitcoin does not care at all.

And therefore can’t discriminate
By who you love, or who you hate
Save it, spend it - large or small.
Bitcoin does not care at all.

You can save for years and years.
It will be there - calm your fears
Or spend it soon - go have a ball.
Bitcoin does not care at all.

No restrictions, no money games
If you own it (no paper claims)
Keep it safe, for if you fall
Bitcoin does not care at all

Bitcoin CAN’T discriminate
Steal your funds - or seal your fate
If you miss this - if you stall
Bitcoin does not care at all

Bitcoin’s free for all to use
Very soon I hope you’ll choose
If not, one day you will recall
That Bitcoin does not care at all

Written 9/12/23 by Christopher Westra
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