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Bitcoin Poem 062

Equitable, Fast, and Fair

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Equitable, Fast, and Fair - Bitcoin Poem 062 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Michael Saylor's Atlas Speech

Michael Saylor Atlas Society Speech on YouTube

Michael Saylor Atlas Society Speech Transcript

Equitable, Fast, and Fair (Bitcoin Poem 062)

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Atlas shrugged, and the world fell
In violence and despair
Thank God for the rise of Bitcoin
Equitable, fast, and fair

With Galt’s Gulch we take our stand
Our sovereignty to prepare
As Bitcoin keeps on winning
Equitable, fast, and fair

With cancel culture all around
Censoring what you share
Bitcoin is permissionless
Equitable, fast, and fair

With dollars losing value fast
Act smart and stay aware
Hold Bitcoin - based on scarcity
Equitable, fast, and fair

A truth and freedom machine
To which nothing can compare
A portal into cyberspace
Equitable, fast, and fair

The Alpha asset taking ground
For everyone, everywhere
Bitcoin’s here to save or spend
Equitable, fast, and fair

Written 8/10/23 by Christopher Westra
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