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Bitcoin Poem 061

Running Twice as Fast

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Running Twice as Fast - Bitcoin Poem 061 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Simply Bitcoin

Simply Bitcoin YouTube Channel here

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Running Twice as Fast (Bitcoin Poem 061)

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Do you feel you’re running twice as fast?
But only getting half as far?
Do you see your money doesn’t last?
No matter how diligent you are?

Do you want to know a better way
Than the dollar’s debasing plan?
A saving method - come what may?
Well with Bitcoin you surely can!

Save in a money with staying power
Not in money losing strength
Bitcoin’s yet young - a budding flower
And will open full bloom at length

Or, just keep on running twice as fast
Yet not going far at all
While the money printers have a blast
And your savings continue to fall

Written 7/31/23 by Christopher Westra
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