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Bitcoin Poem 060

Bitcoin Changes the Game

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Bitcoin Changes the Game - Bitcoin Poem 060 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Max Hillebrand

Max Hillebrand Twitter

Articles by Max Hillebrand for Bitcoin Magazine

Videos with Peter on What Bitcoin Did

Bitcoin Changes the Game (Bitcoin Poem 060)

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Tyranny of the status quo -
Of fiat money’s theft and shame
But we escape - the way we know
For Bitcoin changes the game

Short term thinking - everywhere
No discipline can we claim
But now our vision we can share
For Bitcoin changes the game

Inflation draining what we save
Pointing wildly for who to blame
We find respite - no more a slave
For Bitcoin changes the game

Yes, we can vote, but see no gain
We just get more of the same
Now we can see the true campaign
For Bitcoin changes the game

We see our freedoms ebbing low
How can we rise to fan the flame?
We can help adoption grow
For Bitcoin changes the game

Act firm and stalwart in your stance
Keep force and focus on your aim
Join in and help this tech advance
For Bitcoin changes the game

Written 7/24/23 by Christopher Westra
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