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Bitcoin Poem 058

Surety (Problems/Solutions 14)

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Surety - Bitcoin Poem 058 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Clark Moody Dashboard

Clark Moody's Bitcoin Dashboard (Bitcoin Stats)

Surety (Bitcoin Poem 058)

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In the current financial system we never can
Know the future increase of money supply as
This is decided by a few powerful people who
Are not elected or chosen by the citizens, yet
Rig the game for the benefit of those in power
Monetary Inflation rate for 2024? We don’t know
Monetary Inflation rate for 2025? We don’t know
Let’s gain surety by using a Bitcoin Standard
Which has a perfectly predictable issue rate
The new coin inflation rate for 2023? 1.78%
Inflation rate after halving in 2024? 1.1%
Knowing these figures exactly for the next
100 years and more gives people surety
And businesses foresight and stability

Written 6/14/23 by Christopher Westra
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