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Bitcoin Poem 057

Once in a Bloodline Chance

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Once in a Bloodline Chance - Bitcoin Poem 057 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Matthew Kratter

Bitcoin University (Bitcoin Education)

The Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin

Matthew's YouTube Channel

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Once in a Bloodline Chance (Bitcoin Poem 057)

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Join the global revolution
A once in a bloodline chance
Join the peaceful grand solution
Seize the offered circumstance

Come and make your contribution
The Bitcoin standard rings out true
Free from value dissolution
Instead it lets our wealth accrue

Your children may not get the choice
To own a healthy Bitcoin share
Unless you choose with acts and voice
To opt away from fiat’s snare

Rise up - expand your comfort zone
Conquer what you need to learn
We can help - you’re not alone
Once in a bloodline chance to earn

Written 6/3/23 by Christopher Westra
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