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Bitcoin Poem 056

Bitcoin is Free Will

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Bitcoin is Free Will - Bitcoin Poem 056 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Matt Odell

Bitcoin Privacy with Matt Odell

Matt Odell Website and Resources

Matt Odell (Bitcoin Poem 056)

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When powers try to steal our wealth
With high inflation’s chill
We now claim a better way
With Bitcoin as free will

When people try to censor thought
And freedoms go downhill
We get on the sovereign path
As Bitcoin is free will

When tyrants seize or confiscate
“Trust us” (a bitter pill)
We hold an asset we can own
And Bitcoin is free will

When moving funds across the world
With no “permission” drill
We can use an open money
Since Bitcoin is free will

When planning for our children’s lives
So they can be fulfilled
We’ll save the surest money
For Bitcoin is free will

Written 5/27/23 by Christopher Westra
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