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Bitcoin Poem 055

True Things Prevail

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True Things Prevail - Bitcoin Poem 055 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Tucker Carlson

Tucker's Message - True Things Prevail

Tucker Carlson Website

True Things Prevail (Bitcoin Poem 055)

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Honest people say what is true
The iron law - true things prevail
And not the lies that often spew
From diktats which our rights curtail

Opinions and ideas abound
What are the signs of truth telltale?
Follow incentives - search around
What ideas will our freedoms derail?

Follow ideas to where they lead
Think of the results - in detail
Talk and discuss - think and read
Stand for freedom. Let truth prevail

Does an idea centralize power?
Central powers will always fail
Though dictators may gain the hour
In the end - true things prevail

Bitcoin keeps the ledger true
Decentralized - on worldwide scale
Better money for me and you
Come join and let the truth prevail

Written 5/20/23 by Christopher Westra
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