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Bitcoin Poem 054

Out of Thin Air

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Out of Thin Air - Bitcoin Poem 054 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Representative Sherman

YouTube clip - context for this poem

Out of Thin Air (Bitcoin Poem 054)

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“We are the US government”
We can print out of thin air
Mister Sherman says aloud
Which should be quite a scare

But yet he says of Bitcoin
(Amazing that he can dare)
That bitcoin isn’t valuable
But created from thin air

Bitcoin has a cost to make
A cost that can’t compare
To fiat’s cheap and easy flow
Debasing the saver’s share

Thank you Mister Sherman
For making us all aware
Of your Cantillon privilege
Printing money from thin air

Study what a bitcoin costs
To make one - with work & care
And you’ll see Bitcoin’s value
Come join and get a share

Thank you Mister Sherman
For helping us to prepare
As our dollars get debased
Since they’re printed from thin air

Written 5/13/23 by Christopher Westra
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