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Bitcoin Poem 052

Bitcoin Every Day

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Bitcoin Every Day - Bitcoin Poem 052 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Pierre Rochard

Pierre Rochard Twitter Account

Pierre's Linkedin Page

Pierre's Interview with Natalie Brunell

Pierre's Interview on The Bitcoin Layer

Bitcoin Every Day (Bitcoin Poem 052)

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Every single passing day
Bitcoin’s stronger, come what may
You can join us, come along
Join the stable money throng

Every day, transactions sent
Bitcoin saved, or bitcoin spent
Every day now, someone new
Moves to Bitcoin - could be you

Start in easy, start in slow
Once begun, you’ll see it grow
Every day, just learn some more
Bitcoin opens freedom's door

Stack your bitcoin, every day
Start right now & don’t delay
Get out from inflation’s hold
Come and join the Bitcoin fold

Written 5/1/23 by Christopher Westra
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