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Bitcoin Poem 051

Seigniorage (Problems/Solutions 13)

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Seigniorage - Bitcoin Poem 051 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Robert Breedlove

Founder of the "What is Money?" Show

Co-Author of Thank God for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Advocate on Twitter

Bitcoin Philosopher - Lex Fridman Interview

Seigniorage (Bitcoin Poem 051)

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Seigniorage refers to the profits
A government earns by creating and
Issuing new currency for a nation, but
The seigniorage benefits those in power
Who receive the new money first via the
Cantillon effect. Specifically, the Federal
Reserve, the US Treasury, & large banks
In order to foster more equality in finance
We can move to a decentralized currency
In the Bitcoin network the profits earned
From creating new bitcoin are given out
To those who work maintaining and
Securing the network, rather than to
Any centralized person or group

Written 4/24/23 by Christopher Westra
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