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Bitcoin Poem 049

Sly Roundabout Way

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Sly Roundabout Way - Bitcoin Poem 049 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Friedrich Hayek

Article about Friedrich Hayek and his thoughts

Sly Roundabout Way (Bitcoin Poem 049)

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We found our best sly roundabout way
Moving money from government sway
Bitcoin is strong - they cannot halt
The elegant network, or break the vault

Hayek foresaw the deeply set need
To better the money, minus the greed
With interest rate that’s naturally found
And not distorted, lowered or bound

Bitcoin, the peaceful revolution
A useful decentralized solution
Stops debasement & halts the power
Of looters who seek to steal each hour

Enhances freedom across the lands
Adds real value into people’s hands
Friedrich Hayek had this truth to say
We must find a sly roundabout way

Written 4/10/23 by Christopher Westra
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