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Bitcoin Poem 048

Stability (Problems/Solutions 12)

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Stability - Bitcoin Poem 048 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by James Lavish

James Lavish Substack (The Informationist Newsletter)

James' Twitter Account

James Lavish and Robert Breedlove Interview

Stability (Bitcoin Poem 048)

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The fractional reserve banking system
Is built on an unstable foundation where
Not all depositors can access money freely.
Since banks can lend more than they have
This regularly leads to credit & asset bubbles
And then business failures during downturns
Let’s move to a more stable system where
There is no central authority which people
Need to trust with their deposits, an open
And accurate ledger where everyone can
Simply verify that their money is secure
With Bitcoin this technology is available

Written 4/3/23 by Christopher Westra
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