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War - Bitcoin Poem 047 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Alex Gladstein

Alex Gladstein Twitter Account

Alex Gladstein Website (Human Rights Activist)

Alex's articles at Bitcoin Magazine

Alex Gladstein interview on What Bitcoin Did

War (Bitcoin Poem 047)

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The United States sustains their forever
Wars because it’s easy to borrow capital
It’s easy to borrow as the Federal Reserve
Literally prints money in Quantitative Easing
And keeps the interest rate forcibly very low
This allows billions to flow to forever wars
If we let the market determine interest rates
And if we move to a hard money standard
Such as Bitcoin, with an immutable supply
Then unpopular or unproductive wars are
Much harder for governments to sustain
Leading to more safety and more peace

Written 3/3/23 by Christopher Westra
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