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Bitcoin Poem 046

Wealth Gap

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Wealth Gap - Bitcoin Poem 046 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Luke Broyles

Luke Broyles Twitter Account

Luke Broyles interview with Preston Pysh

Wealth Gap (Bitcoin Poem 046)

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When fiat money is printed freely
Certain groups benefit more than others
Wealthy people who hold assets tend to
Reap the benefits as their assets increase
In proportion to the new money, while those
Who rely on fixed incomes or savings lose
Much of their purchasing power and wealth
We need a money where people can trust
That their money will retain or increase in
Value and purchasing power. This money
Will help the poor save with confidence
For themselves and also their children
Leading to a brighter future for every
Person, when saving with Bitcoin

Written 02/24/23 by Christopher Westra
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