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Bitcoin Poem 045

Sound Money (PS9)

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Sound Money - Bitcoin Poem 045 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Mark Moss

Mark's YouTube Channel - lots of great videos

Mark's Interview with Anthony Pompliano (35 Min)

Mark's Interview on Real Vision Finance (39 Min)

Sound Money (Bitcoin Poem 045)

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Fiat money is unsound money
Because governments can print
More of this money at low or no cost
The printing of more money is so easy
That those in power can never resist the
Urge to create new money for their use
The fiat supply remains unpredictable
Let’s use a money with known supply
The solution is to create a limited money
That has a cost to the creation of units
This money would be sound if no group
Or person has the option to issue new
Money beyond what was programmed

Written 2/17/23 by Christopher Westra
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