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Trust - Bitcoin Poem 039 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto

The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

The Book of Satoshi (on Amazon)

Satoshi Nakamoto on Wikipedia

Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi

Trust (Bitcoin Poem 039)

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Fiat money relies on intermediaries
Such as banks and government entities
To facilitate transactions and keep records
And ensure the integrity of the money system
This system requires trust to make it function
Yet the history of fiat currencies is replete with
Breaches of that trust - breaches of integrity
Let’s move to a new money not based on trust
With no reliance on any centralized authority
But peer to peer verification through code
Made secure by a decentralized network
Allowing any and every user to validate
Their own (and all) money transactions
This is Bitcoin. Don’t trust, but verify

Written 1/6/23 by Christopher Westra
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