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Availability - Bitcoin Poem 037 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Alex Gladstein

Alex Gladstein Twitter Account

Alex Gladstein Website (Human Rights Activist)

Alex's articles at Bitcoin Magazine

Alex Gladstein interview on What Bitcoin Did

Availability (Bitcoin Poem 037)

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Fiat money is not available to everyone
Billions are unbanked or underbanked
Which is inconvenient, costly, and risky
They have no way to save value over time
Or to borrow to start building an enterprise
Susceptible to predatory lenders and fees
Keeping these families in poverty and pain
We need a system for all to grow wealth
Permissionless and without discrimination
Where people can build value securely
And create a life for themselves and for
Generations to come across the earth
We need a money truly available to all
The solution is Bitcoin - come join today

Written 12/20/22 by Christopher Westra
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