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Bitcoin Poem 036

Debasement (Problems/Solutions 1)

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Debasement - Bitcoin Poem 036 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Preston Pysh

Preston Pysh's twitter account

Preston's Youtube and Podcast

Interview with Sam Callahan and Alex Gladstein

Debasement (Bitcoin Poem 036)

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The problem with fiat money
Is centralized control of the money
Those in control of the money creation
Always eventually yield to the temptation
Of inflating the overall money supply
Causing debasement of the currency
Decreasing its value for those who hold it
People need a money that holds value
Or actually increases in value over time
This must be a money with a limited supply
That cannot be changed in spite of temptation
No person or group can be in control of this money
This money must be decentralized
The solution is Bitcoin

Written 12/16/22 by Christopher Westra
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