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Bitcoin Poem 035

The Race

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The Race - Bitcoin Poem 035 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Cory Klippsten

Cory's Company Swan Bitcoin

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Swan Signal Live, with Cory and Lyn Alden

The Race (Bitcoin Poem 035)

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We’re in a race to avoid a war
A race to open freedom’s door
A race to spread adoption wide
And bring ten million to our side

So spread the Bitcoin truth around
And share the benefits you’ve found
Every act, every tweet or share
Can help a friend to grow aware

You make a difference! Act today
Let’s win this race the peaceful way
We don’t need martyrs, we need you
Sharing Bitcoin - the way you do

Let’s not slacken, and let’s not slow
In sharing what we boldly know
And when we do, we’ll win this race
We’ll make this world a better place

We’re in a race to avoid a war
Let’s do what’s not been done before
An honest money for everyone
Come and join this race we run

Written 12/11/22 by Christopher Westra
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