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Bitcoin Poem 032

Bitcoin Changes Me

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Bitcoin Changes Me - Bitcoin Poem 032 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Michael Saylor

CEO of MicroStrategy (MSTR)

An active proponent of Bitcoin

Author of "The Mobile Wave"

Creator of the Saylor Academy

Bitcoin Changes Me (Bitcoin Poem 032)

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Bitcoin increases my clarity
As it shines light and honesty
On what money can truly be

This clarity - it spreads through me
And helps me in my actions see
Those which bind, or set me free

Bitcoin builds my strength of mind
As my incentives get aligned
To hold my assets as designed

And so I find that I’m inclined
To conquer tasks that I’m assigned
And master skills that I’ve outlined

Bitcoin questions the status quo
Of the modern monetary show
To create money on endless flow

This helps me question what I know
Search for truth, and insight grow
These changes does Bitcoin bestow

Written 11/12/22 by Christopher Westra
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