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Bitcoin Poem 030

Simple Questions

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Simple Questions - Bitcoin Poem 030 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by

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Simply Bitcoin (Bitcoin Poem 030)

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When people trash talk Bitcoin
Ask them some simple questions
See if they’ve done their homework
Below are a few suggestions

Who started Bitcoin years ago?
And what inspired this founder?
And how does fiat money work?
And why Bitcoin might be sounder?

When was Bitcoin started?
What’s relevant about that year?
And from the short whitepaper
What is meant by peer to peer?

Name two countries where it’s used
To protect from high inflation
And two more where Bitcoin helps
The people in oppressed nations

Maybe they know, maybe they don’t
Yet you’ll see how much they know
And maybe asking these questions
Will cause their knowledge to grow

An opinion based in ignorance
It’s worth? Not very great
And maybe they will do the work
To improve their financial fate

Written 10/11/22 by Christopher Westra
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