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Bitcoin Poem 029

Freedom's Door

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PoemName - Bitcoin Poem xxx by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Mark Moss

Mark's YouTube Channel - lots of great videos

Mark's Interview with Anthony Pompliano (35 Min)

Mark's Interview on Real Vision Finance (39 Min)

Freedom's Door (Bitcoin Poem 029)

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Why do you fancy global elite
Try to sweep us under your feet?
Does it make you feel complete
To make others’ lives less sweet?

Are you really so hungry for power
That free people make you sour?
And you labor hour by hour
To take property and devour?

Our lives, liberty and property
Don’t need your shaping or tyranny
Your rules for us, but not for thee
Enjoy your wealth - let us be free

Do you really believe your lies
To deceive and plan and devise?
Causing power to centralize
In your control, since you’re so wise?

Bitcoin opens freedom’s door
So we can choose and plan for more
Our life and liberty we restore
Your great reset we do abhor

Written 9/30/22 by Christopher Westra
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