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Bitcoin Poem 028

Proof of Work

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Proof of Work - Bitcoin Poem 028 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Jason Lowery

Jason's YouTube Interview with Anthony Pompliano

Crypto News' Podcast with Jason - Bitcoin is Bulletproof Property

Bitcoin and Tesla's Vision - Jason and Robert Breedlove

Bitcoin is a War Deterrent - Article

Proof of Work(Bitcoin Poem 028)

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The security of a nation
By armies, tanks, and guns
Expends a lot of energy
But protects our lands and funds

It’s cheaper to defend ourselves
With flowers in children’s hands
But it won’t be as effective
In defending our lives and lands

The cryptographic proof of work
Has served us well for years
It’s not the same as proof of stake
Which will end in regret and tears

True consensus takes some work
This is a feature, not a bug
Bitcoin was built with energy
Not with flowers - not with hugs

Flowers and hugs are mighty fine
But won’t make a network secure
It takes a lot of energy
To make the ledger safe and sure

Written 9/19/22 by Christopher Westra
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