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Value - Bitcoin Poem 025 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Person

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Value (Bitcoin Poem 025)

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Beauty’s in the eye
Of the person who beholds
And value’s in the mind
Of the person craving gold

Or a puppy, or a painting
Or a Bitcoin, or a tree
Value’s NOT intrinsic
Value comes from you and me

A thing has value only
When desired by me or you
And people value differently
Just look - you’ll see it’s true

That value comes from valuing
And not “intrinsic” worth
And values vary widely
Across people of our earth

Bitcoin’s proven valuable
To people the world around
Maybe you should get some
As it’s quickly gaining ground

The value keeps increasing
As adoption grows demand
But supply is known and stable
It grows scarce in every land

Written 8/20/22 by Christopher Westra
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