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Bitcoin Poem 021

Bitcoin: Sound Money

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Bitcoin: Sound Money - Bitcoin Poem 021 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Looking Glass Education

Looking Glass Education (about Bitcoin and Finance)

The Mission of Looking Glass Education

Looking Glass Education Foundation Course (Debt, Inflation, and the Bigger Picture)

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From the soldier in Ancient Rome
To us, in our present home
And, in all the world around
We want money that is sound

Sound money is not debased
So our trust is not misplaced
Because the supply is bound
For money that is sound

Sound money’s authentic ring
Heralds the value it will bring
And you know when you have found
A useful money that is sound

Sound money will not inflate
Which is fiat money’s fate
Bitcoin’s code is quite profound
Creating money that is sound

Highly secure - and stable too
Open for everyone to view
King of assets it is crowned
Because it’s hard and sound

Written 6/23/22 by Christopher Westra
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