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Bitcoin Poem 020

Bitcoin: The Global Reserve

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Bitcoin: The Global Reserve - Bitcoin Poem 020 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Michael Saylor

CEO of MicroStrategy (MSTR)

An active proponent of Bitcoin

Author of "The Mobile Wave"

Creator of the Saylor Academy

Bitcoin: The Global Reserve (Bitcoin Poem 020)

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Bitcoin is a global reserve
On which we can rely
Bitcoin can our wealth preserve
And all attacks defy

A neutral asset for us to use
To store our wealth ‘cross time
Digital gold that we can choose
To watch our value climb

Though volatile and turbulent
In its beginning years
The code has proven permanent
And calmly stills our fears

Divisible to small amounts
With layers building speed
Bitcoin works for all accounts
Providing what we need

Outside of country sovereignty
But with a known supply
Study how this sets you free
And keeps your value high

Written 6/3/2022 by Christopher Westra
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