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Bitcoin Poem 019

A Pristine Asset

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A Pristine Asset - Bitcoin Poem 019 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by James at InvestAnswers YouTube Channel

James' InvestAnswers YouTube Channel

A Pristine Asset (Bitcoin Poem 019)

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Bitcoin - pristine in every way
An asset without peer
Uncorrupted from its first day
Trusted, fair, and clear

Not gaudy or flashy or fast
But simple in its strength
A property coded to last
Proven to work at length

Still original, fresh and new
Unspoiled by lust and greed
Diligently following through
Serving our daily need

Safe in its cryptographic vault
Secure from grasping powers
Stronger than any vain assault
It keeps our money ours

Open for all - closed to none
Its record proven true
A pristine asset for everyone
It can, and will, serve you

Written 5/20/22 by Christopher Westra
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