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Bitcoin's the Way

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Bitcoin's the Way - Bitcoin Poem 018 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Robert Breedlove

Founder of the "What is Money?" Show

Co-Author of Thank God for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Advocate on Twitter

Bitcoin Philosopher - Lex Fridman Interview

Bitcoin's the Way(Bitcoin Poem 018)

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One way to get wealth is by making
And the second way is by taking
Inflation is theft
Leaving people bereft
With the pace of inflation breathtaking

With minds all around us awaking
To the rules our leaders are breaking
In Bitcoin we choose
For we don’t want to lose
Our family wealth we’ve been staking

With strength of economies shaking
And all common sense forsaking
Now Bitcoin’s the way
For a much brighter day
With value that’s truly groundbreaking

Written 4/30/22 by Christopher Westra
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