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Bitcoin Poem 017

You Can Buy It Anywhere

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You Can Buy It Anywhere - Bitcoin Poem 017 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Dr. Suess

Wikipedia Page on Dr. Suess (Children's Book Writer)

You Can Buy It Anywhere (Bitcoin Poem 017)

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Bitcoin’s easy if you try
So simple now - I’ll tell you why
It’s not complex - oh contraire
You can buy it anywhere

Cash App makes it really slick
And others too - just take your pick
Venmo’s fast, try both - compare
You can buy it anywhere

PayPal offers Bitcoin buys
Get some while you order fries
Buy on Coinbase from your chair
You can buy it anywhere

Use Voyager - or Gemini
Buy it low or buy it high
So many options, I declare
You can buy it anywhere

Use, or FTX
Buying bitcoin is better than… a kiss
Do it quietly, or with fanfare
Just buy your bitcoin anywhere

Binance, Celsius, or just use Strike
Buy bitcoin (safely) on your bike
Think for yourself, and stay aware
You can buy bitcoin anywhere

Written DATE by Christopher Westra
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