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Bitcoin Poem 017

Tick Tock, Next Block

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Tick Tock Next Block - Bitcoin Poem 017 by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Natalie Brunell

Natalie Brunell's YouTube Channel and Podcasts

Natalie's Twitter Account

Natalie's Interview with Obi Nwosu on Fedimint

Tick Tock, Next Block (Bitcoin Poem 017)

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Tick tock, next block
Onward beating timechain clock
Bitcoin’s steady every day
Adding entries, come what may

Tick tock, next block
Through any kind of stress or shock
Incentives keep it running sure
Bitcoin’s ledger will endure

Tick tock, next block
Newly minted bitcoin stock
Small supply of precious coin
No better time than now to join

Tick tock, next block
Opportunity - here to knock
It’s catching on, so just in case
Get some bitcoin, at your pace

Tick tock, next block
Prove your work - walk your talk
Nodes and miners, every hour
Proving Bitcoin’s staying power

Tick tock, next block
Though fiat lovers try to mock
Our confidence remains so sweet
With every block - with every beat

Written 7/4/23 by Christopher Westra
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