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Keeps On Growing

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PoemName - Bitcoin Poem xxx by Christopher Westra

Inspired by Jack Dorsey

CEO of Block, and Creator of The Cash App

Jack Dorsey YouTube Interview with Lex Fridman

Jack Dorsey YouTube Interview with Michael Saylor

PoemName (Bitcoin Poem 016)

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Wallets, users, adopters, memes
Savings, shelters, income streams
Everywhere you look, it seems
Bitcoin keeps on growing

Holders, spenders, miners too
Aficionados, old and new
Look around, it’s in plain view
Bitcoin keeps on growing

Over time, it grows in price
It’s grown 1000x, twice!
So focus now & grab your slice
Bitcoin keeps on growing

Some buyers public, some anon
Price will soar when most is gone
A pristine asset to lean upon
Your Bitcoin keeps on growing

Written 4/12/22 by Christopher Westra
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